Saturday, January 8, 2011

A weekend of fun shooting activities

Today I taught a few hours worth of my club's NRA Basic Pistol Course.  It was a fairly large group of eight students.

It always kills me when one of the students fails the written test.  In this case it was a language barrier, with a guy who was really trying to learn.  We had to send him home with encouragement to study the book over and over again until he understood.  He might come back for a re-test, or he might not.  I hope he does.

It's a great feeling knowing I introduced all these people to responsible and safe gun ownership.  How many eager, paying students did Josh Sugarmann or Joan Peterson influence today?  Not as many as I did.  

Tomorrow morning is our second indoor USPSA match of the winter season.  I might as well get all the shooting I can in this weekend, since next weekend is the wife's birthday.  And there won't be any me-time then!

Also, I'm not commenting on the tragic Arizona assassination attempt, except to say I'm not willing to further sacrifice my constitutional and natural rights because of the actions of a schizophrenic criminal.

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