Friday, January 21, 2011

Sorry, Baldr, the police aren't obligated to protect you

As if we need more proof that gun banners live in a magical fantasy land, filled with fairies and elves, Joyce Foundation fundee Baldr Odinson said this:

I'm certain that NJ law enforcement officers would disagree with your statement that "NJ is also not legally responsible to defend you so as far as they are concerned. You are on your own."
Perhaps Baldr should stop speaking for NJ law enforcement officers, because he is completely, indisputably wrong.  Established case law holds that the police are neither obligated nor liable for failing to protect you from an attack. That's right, Baldr, you can't sue the cops if they show up an hour after your 911 call.  Here's a citation.  Are you starting to get why ordinary people need the means to protect themselves? 

This is such a great example of their idealistic, childish worldview, that we're so civilized that we contract out the ugly business of self-defense to heroic supercops who speed to the scene of the crime just in time to save the innocent civilian.  But this isn't a TV show - the police can take a long time to get there. 

Calling 911 is no substitute for a gun. 

On a side note, to the "BanTheNRA" guy who comments on Baldr's blog: if you've going to try to make a clever portmanteu of the words gun and retardedness, stop embarassing yourself by using "guntardiness."  This implies a gun owner who is frequently late.  Instead, use "guntardedness."  Thank you. 

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