Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Paul Helmke on plastic guns

Brady President Paul Helmke said 

“Allowing access to high-capacity magazines is beyond the pale.  Banning them is a matter of public safety.  There is no Second Amendment or God-given right to be able to maim and kill your fellow Americans with military-style arms.  When the high-capacity magazine restriction was in place until 2004, it was effective.  If our nation can agree that machine guns, cop-killer bullets, and plastic guns ought to be restricted, surely we can agree that large-capacity magazines have no place in our society.”

Let's put aside the facts that machine guns are just about the most restricted object a private citizen can own, and that any bullet can be used to kill a cop. 

I'd like to hear from the Brady members on this one: why ought plastic guns be further restricted, compared to guns made of other materials, like steel or aluminum?  What did Helmke mean by this? 

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