Friday, January 7, 2011

And how would gun control have stopped this?

The Brady Campaign didn't waste any time exploiting this recent school shooting to call for more gun control. 

Here's a mentally ill kid who stole his father's duty pistol, murdered his school principal then killed himself.  How could more or different gun control laws have stopped this? 

There is only one way the principal could have saved his own life, and the Brady Bunch does their best to make sure that's illegal for him to do. They elevate the nobility of victimhood over the right of self defense. 

Also, to reiterate a point I've been making a lot - I am not willing to  have my rights further restricted because of the actions of some nutjob. 


  1. I wouldn't waste my time commenting on the blog of MikeB. He lives for instigating people in the states about gun control. The more you comment, the more you fuel his desire to post another comment to get another reaction.
    As a political scientist, I see gun control laws in America as another form of corruption and revenue for corrupt politicians as well as the NRA. In Connecticut there is a $ 125 requirement to pay a local NRA instructor to prove you can safely handle a firearm even before you buy the firearm. All of the money goes to the NRA, which is a political lobbying group and part of the problem of money in politics in America.

  2. The safety course fee goes to the instructor who runs the course, not to the NRA. I know this because I'm an instructor.

    I pay my NRA dues every year because they influence lawmakers to legislate in our interest. That is a good thing.