Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Trying to suppress stone-age technology in Boston

Having solved most of the City of Boston's major problems, City Councilors are now seeking to license the sale of knives.

When we mock gun control, we often say that they are trying to suppress a Victorian era technology (steel tubing, simple lockwork, chemical blends of saltpeter/charcoal/sulphur, etc.).  This knife control effort takes that idea up a notch on the silliness ladder.  They're actually trying to suppress the stone age technology of grinding an edge onto a stone.  

If a caveman can fabricate a cutting blade out of items found in nature, I'm sure our public school educated youth can do the same, without having to go through a licensed knife dealer.  Or perhaps, in a stoke of criminal genius, a teenager intent on stabbing a foe will simply borrow one of mom's cooking knives, thereby circumventing the expertly crafted policy of Boston's City Council.

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