Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Shady characters on the anti-gun blogs

Why are these guys so keen on content theft? 

It's not too hard to figure out which of the anti-gun blogs I'm talking about here, since there are about three of them in total.  Joan puts out original material in the odd, repetitive style of a ten year-old.  This Baldr fellow writes his own stuff but is too busy fabricating sweet peace trains out of 1/4" ply.  That only leaves one more. 

So, doggies, if you're going to copy and paste lengthy descriptions of historical events to support your anti-liberty agenda, at least cite the websites you're stealing from.  Don't just put others' text inline with yours as if it is your own. 

The stealing says a lot about who these people are.  Be more original. 


  1. Is that the site that claimed to be on a blacklist?


    Welcome to the black list.

    Gun Blog Black List:

  2. It's on that mikeB blog regarding the Trexel uprising. Copy and paste job from wikipedia.

    Thanks to whoever put me on this blacklist!

  3. That was me!

    I was going to create an anti-gun blog list, but since the GBBL takes up a lot of my time, I couldn't spare the eight seconds it would take to list all 3-4 of the anti-gun blogs.

    The GBBL is up to about 300 and still growing.

  4. Thanks, North. This looks like a great way to discover some new blogs.

  5. Yep. I hope it leads a lot of people into a lot of different places. Lots of views/followers for being under 3 weeks old.