Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Baldr Odinson is a lying, cowardly weasel

Joyce Foundation dimwit Baldr Odinson posted this afternoon about how America needs to prohibit export of Glocks to Norway to prevent future mass shootings.  Yup, you read that right.

I sent a comment Baldr's way, and curiously it went unpublished.  A few hours later I check to see that he's changed this paragraph...

Seventy-four people dead on two continents, killed with guns bought legally from one country:  the United States.

to this...

Seventy-four people dead on two continents, killed with high capacity magazine clips bought legally from one country:  the United States.

He changed the rest of the article from the original assertion - that American-made Glocks killed 68 Norwegians - to his new story that American-made Glock "magazine clips" killed them.   Failure on many levels here, folks.

No retraction, no thanks to MAgunowner for pointing out his blatant misunderstanding of the most fundamental issues at hand.  He just pretended he knew the difference between a pistol and a "magazine clip" all along

Baldr, you have no spine.  Man up and take responsibility for your mistakes.  


  1. Actually, MAgunner, the mistake was made by my guest blogger. After seeing your comment, she corrected her mistake. I believe she is going to reply soon.

    But thank you so much for your name-calling. I hope you aren't so arrogant offline as you are here.

  2. You and your friend have no understanding of the things you wish to ban. That's why I don't respect you.

  3. That's a pretty big assumption.

    As for your name calling and accusation against me, I see you haven't put up a retraction, either. Perhaps you should man up and take responsibility for your mistake. Or are you spineless?

  4. It's not an assumption. You and Penny wrote a whole post about how American made Glocks contributed to the Norway massacre. Your cover up was worse than the crime.

    Your most recent post shows a lack of understanding of how the law treats "high capacity" magazines, so it's not a one-time thing I'm picking on you for.

  5. "Baldr Odinson" is actually a sad little fat man named Jason Alexis Kilgore, who lives in Junction City, Oregon.

    "Spineless," Jason? At least he's not hiding behind a sock-puppet like "Baldr."