Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Japete's uplifting thought of the day

Gun ban advocate and Brady Campaign board member Joan Peterson begins her most recent post with:
Today is the summer solstice. We should be celebrating the longest day of the year. Some people, unfortunately, will not be able to celebrate because of a bullet. Such is a typical day in America.
Could you imagine getting stuck talking to this woman at a cocktail party?  


  1. I think about that whenever she rambles on about such-and-such who does XYZ and "AGREES WITH ME NOT WITH YOU!"

    I wonder how many people simply nod and feign ideological lockstep with her just because it means she won't break out the talking points and the crocodile tears.

  2. Bores come in all political persuasions. A good friend once told me "nothing is worthless, at the very least it can serve as a bad example".

    I hope I'm remembering this.

  3. My imaginary cocktail party conversation would be something like:
    "What a nice day today. Great to finally see some sun."
    "Tell that to the thousands of people who will die this year of melanoma."

    Waaaaah waaaaaah.

  4. She doesn't even post my comments anymore.. which should say something about the type of "discussion" that she really wishes to have.