Saturday, June 11, 2011

Invisible forcefields of protection

When I got my NRA instructor credentials, I understood what it meant.  My certificate and $3 would get me a cup of coffee, but also authorize me to teach and sign off on Massachusetts residents applying for a license to carry. 

There is no forcefield of protection for NRA instructors that protects against bad judgement or accidental discharges.  We're just as imperfect as everyone else.  We are 70,000 strong, and any group of 70,000 will have a few dumbasses.

If an anti-gun troll is searching for certain anecdotes among a population of 300 million, he'd find them daily.  There are plenty of morons out there.  Among a population of 70k, he'd find them occasionally.  And if the best the troll can do is re-post anecdotes, all we need to do is nod our head, smile and ignore it.

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