Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Getting to the root cause of "gun violence"

Animals fired into a Roxbury playground last night, hitting a four-year old boy.  From today's Boston Globe:
Mayor Tom Menino said "Any gun violence in our city is unacceptable, but when it involves a young child, you can only feel sadness and anger. With the public’s help, we will stop those who seek to bring violence to our neighborhoods.’’
What he means by "those who seek to bring violence" is Smith & Wesson, Ruger, Four Seasons and Collector's Gallery, not the project rats who attempted the murder. 

City councilor Chuck Yancey at least had the courage to blame the inanimate objects that are the root cause of violence: dirtbikes. 
Yancey, who represents parts of Dorchester, called on Boston police to enforce traffic laws aggressively and be more aggressive with young people speeding and driving recklessly on dirt bikes and scooters.  An hour before the shooting, police investigated reports of motorbikes speeding through the area. Generally, police say, they hesitate to chase or pull over youths on motorized bikes because of the danger of the pursuit.
“If they are breaking the law, they should be pulled over,’’ said Yancey. “If it is not tolerated in Back Bay or Beacon Hill, it shouldn’t be tolerated here.’’
Well said, Councilor Yancey.  Well said.

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  1. Hey, thanks for updating us with those stories. Youths don't realize how fast your life can go down the drain if you don't pay attention to such basic rules as driving safely, What a waste :(