Monday, July 18, 2011

Terrible sales pitch from American Gunsmithing Institute

I bought one of their videos on how to build a 1911 a couple weeks ago.  Although the production value isn't the best, it's a good value for $80 and I learned a lot from it.

Today I got an email from them using some really dubious scare tactics that - yes - invoke Hitler.  Here are some snippets:
Urgent Time Sensitive Information:

Who else is going to be able to Laugh in the face of an Economic Collapse when the U.S. Government Goes Broke?!
How are YOU going to survive and even thrive by protecting your income during the next few turbulent years?! This letter reveals a secret that could be your answer. 

Dear Friend:
I am writing to you because frankly I am extremely concerned. So, I am going to cut right to the chase. The current crop of politicians has me really worried! If this continues, the USA will have more than one foot in the economic grave. It will be falling face forward into the same type of hyper inflation that pre-Nazi Germany experience that brought Germany to the point of internal civil war and the rise of Hitler to power.
Here is the big secret to keeping more money and paying lower taxes (legally), while being able to earn income and barter for whatever you need. It is simply this: Own a small business doing something you love.

Here's why:
Small businesses for the most part fly under the Big Government radar and regulation machine.
As for what Gunsmithing course to take, I can only recommend one: The American Gunsmithing Institute's Master Gunsmithing Course.
I don't know what business is right for you, but the one I am suggesting in this letter is Gunsmithing...
Best wishes,

Gene Kelly

Gene - If you want me to buy products from AGI in the future, convince me of the value of what you're selling.  I want to know what gunsmithing skills I will learn from watching your videos, and how these skills will help me build better, more reliable guns, whether for business or hobby.  Don't try to scare me with predictions of impending economic doom.  I will believe whatever you tell me about gunsmithing, but not economics.  This sales tactic insults me. 

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