Tuesday, July 26, 2011

How to get a free bike in Boston

A friend of mine went outside one morning last week and found her bicycle missing from the sidewalk where she had locked it up.  She called Boston Police to report it stolen, and they advised her to also check to see whether it was impounded for being locked to a public street sign.  She called to check and they confirmed it was in fact confiscated, and that she just had to go to a warehouse to pick it up. 

She went to the warehouse, which is run by the Department of Public works, and located near South Station.  She presented no ID, nor proof of ownership, nor even was asked for a description of the bicycle.  The DPW employee just told her to go into the storage room and get her bike.  My friend told me there were hundreds of bicycles stacked on top of each other in a tangled mess.  Instead of searching through the mess for her old, crappy bike she quickly gave up and left. 

So, fellow Bostonians, if you're in the market for a used bike you'd be a sucker to buy one at your local bike shop.  Just go to the DPW warehouse near South Station, tell the inept government employee that your bike was impounded, and leave with any bike you want.  All for free!

Be sure to thank Mayor Menino's office for their generosity. 


  1. You do realize that getting something out of an impound lot is far from free right?

  2. Where is the office actually situated ? I can't seem to find it!