Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Is Baldr Odinson a cult leader?

I found this weird picture of him online for a recent cult gathering (Million Mom Sacrifice, the sign reads):

This looks to me like a cross between Heaven's Gate, a pseudo-Roman Catholic Mass, the scientologists who harass me on Boston Common, and People Against Goodness and Normalcy.  Why Baldr danced around in a goats mask later in the evening, we'll never know.  It's pretty messed up, regardless.

What is Odious Baldr Odinson really up to?  What are the true goals of his front group, Ceasefire Oregon?


  1. "Baldr Odinson" is actually a sad little fat man named Jason Alexis Kilgore from Junction City, Oregon.

    "Baldr" is his sock-puppet persona that he hides behind online.

  2. This sounds creepy when I see your post. Seriously, I had a goosebumps. I don't know about his background but seeing that goat mask seems so weird for me. Maybe I need to have a little more reasearch on this.

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