Monday, January 2, 2012

Fudd of the day - Cap'n Crunch

Written by someone claiming to be pro-gun rights on one of the anti-gun blogs (there are three of them or so, so you can guess which one): 

Cap'n Crunch says: 
here are the measures for citizens who want to be armed:
"(3) Everyone registers all of their firearms and every sale requires the buyer to pass a background check.
(4) Government cannot use registration information for mass confiscations."

"The only reason I favor registration is to help reduce the flow of firearms to people who have criminal backgrounds and would fail a background check when trying to purchase one from a dealer. I don't think for a moment that registration would significantly reduce the supply of firearms for criminals."

Here are a couple of amazing juxtapositions.  First, advocating for universal registration with the caveat that government can't use the list for mass confiscation.  You have to be a real moron to think like this, that government has to follow its own rules. 

The second statement is just baffling and makes no sense.  He's favoring registration in order to reduce the flow of firearms to criminals, even though registration wouldn't reduce the flow of firearms to criminals. 

This is a Fudd who has a major mental impairment.  Or is it a sockpuppet of one of the illiterates who publishes on that site? 

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