Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Guns and borders

Weer'd wrote about the silliness of arbitrary borders making criminals of us.

I walk my dog at a public park next to a middle school in Boston.  To get to the park I have to walk an extra block so I don't cross the school parking lot and become a criminal.  The route has me walk adjacent to the school zone, my heater mere inches from crossing that imaginary line that determines my criminality.

I wonder, if I touch the school property with my toe, but every other part of me is on city property, am I committing a crime?  What if my whole foot is in the school zone?

What about the poor bastard who doesn't even realize it's a school parking lot?


  1. Wow! Not only are you afraid of imaginary lines, but your scared that a cop or anyone else is going to know about your "heater"?
    Seems like you have a few choices to make, walk your dog somewhere else? Maybe not pack your "heater"?

  2. Anonymous,
    Not carrying would just be silly. Why would you even suggest that?

    It's not fear that I'm feeling. It's the indignity of it all.