Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dog gone's "Puke 'n Piss" rape resistance plan

Years ago the New Jersey state police published on their website advice for rape victims to vomit on their attacker.  Faced with predictable outrage against such stupid and harmful advice, they took it down and it's been a source of embarrassment for them ever since.

Stupid repeats itself.  Today Mikeb302000's self-described brilliant, politically influential, intellectually superior dog gone advised rape victims to put up:
...non-violent resistance - throwing up on your assailant, peeing on him, telling him you have a disease. Crying and becoming hysterical, etc.

There you have it folks.  To stop a rape, piss and puke on him.  Because shooting a rapist is never ok.

For the record, dog gone, the mere act of displaying a handgun - then shooting him in the face with a .45 230 grain hollowpoint - is enough to deter most attackers.


  1. I'll add that you should explain to the rapist that you are somewhat disappointed in his life choices. That'll hurt his feelings.

    Problem solved. QED.

  2. Three of those bloggers over there belong in an asylum. I mean, how anal do you have to be before somebody puts you away?