Thursday, October 20, 2011

Occupy Boston: It's ok to steal, but only what you need

This kind of sums up the viewpoint of the filthy hipster encampment.  The spokesman is referring the the problem of homeless people there, but he's really talking about themselves.  They see theft as as a crime only when motivated by greed.  Just as it's ok for crackheads to steal for a fix, it's ok for them to steal from me to pay off their student loans.

Jackson Bush, manning the Occupy information tent yesterday, said some homeless people have been hoarding free items, including donated coats.
“We do have homeless people and people addicted to drugs who need to steal things,” Bush said. “They’re getting more than they need and trading it off. What we noticed is all the new jackets are disappearing quickly.”

PS I have so much more I want to blog about lately, but between taking care of my three-week old daughter, and taking on consulting gigs in addition to my day job, it's been tough.  MAgunowner is still around! 

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