Thursday, March 10, 2011

Gail Collins' misperceptions

Here are two of the more idiotic comments by Gail Collins in today's NYT:

The core of the great national gun divide comes down to this: On one side, people’s sense of public safety goes up as the number of guns goes down; the other side responds to every gun tragedy by reflecting that this might have been averted if only more legally armed citizens had been on the scene. 
I don't particularly want to avert any mass shooting or any other crime that does not present imminent, grave harm to me or my family.  When I hear those shots, I will be the fastest runner on the planet for the next thirty seconds.  I carry a gun to protect myself and my family.  Period. 

Concealed Carry on Campus envisions a female student being saved from an armed assailant by a freshman with a concealed weapon permit. I see a well-intentioned kid with a pistol trying to intervene in a scary situation and accidentally shooting the victim.
No, we envision the woman saving herself, with her gun that she legally carries on campus.  Collins' comment reminds me of that old eye-opening feminist joke with the punchline "the surgeon is her mother."  Gail Collins is so blinded by her hatred of redneck, gun toting hick vigilantes looking for any excuse to use their guns, that she doesn't even consider that a woman would want to be armed in order to nullify the disparity of force against a male rapist. 

This is a real hack opinion piece. 

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