Saturday, March 19, 2011

Father Pfleger PFAIL

Gun dealer/banner Josh Sugarmann's tactic of confusing the public by conflating 'assault weapons' with semiautomatic guns has really taken hold.  We see it all the time by gun prohibitionists who do it on purpose, but also by those (Joan, I'm looking your way) who really don't know the difference between auto and semiauto.  The funny part is that Josh has fooled his own people just as much as the general public.  Which group does this Father Pfleger, who conflates concealed pistols with 'assault weapons,' fall into? 

The group is asking the Illinois legislature to block a bill that would allow people to carry concealed handguns in public.
Father Pfleger says if it's passed more children would be killed by gun violence.
"Assault weapons were created for the Army and they're for murder," said Pfleger.
That's a really nice sentiment about our soldiers, Padre. If assault weapons were created for murder, and every US soldier uses them, then what are you saying about soldiers?  

When he asserts that 'assault weapons' were created for murder, he ignores that they are almost never used for this purpose.  It's like saying that the pencil was invented to stir martinis. 

Lastly, what plausible causation could there be with lawful concealed carry and the increased murder of children?  Does this priest, who presumably has some kind of formal education, honestly think that the people who go through the trouble of fingerprinting, background checks and application fees are going to murder children once they get their CCW? 

I'm thinking Father Pfleger is in the 'special' group of gun banners.

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