Monday, December 13, 2010

You must read

If you can look past her mildly dyslexic writing, annoying repetition of her catch-phrase, and lame clip-art, the old lady at provides a rare glimpse into the sick, twisted minds of the gun ban crowd.

I've only gotten through a couple of her posts, but her theme is to say how common sense dictates that no one should have guns.  Common sense dictates that the gun show loophole kills thirty million Americans each year.  And so on.  She doesn't ever really present facts to support her case, rather she just assumes she's right.

Here's a gem from her most recent post, responding to a thoughtful, articulate comment from someone on our side saying that gun violence is concentrated in certain groups, not spread equally through the population:
I concede that it's possible that many murdererers have prior felony records. It's not actually easy to find good information about this so it's hard to make a point on either side. Sometimes otherwise law abiding gun owners do just snap, though, and shoot people.
Oh thanks, hon.  This is like when I get in a stupid argument with my wife, and I know I'm entirely wrong but still keep arguing because I have nothing better to do, and the next day I give a half-apology saying bullshit like "Who's to know what's right or wrong?... things got heated and we both said things we regret... mistakes were made on both sides."

Anyways, it looks like the chick is having a bit of nervous breakdown over there because 99% of her comments point out how wrong she is.  Keep 'em coming, boys.  Maybe then she'll relax and take up gardening instead of trying to save us gun owners from ourselves.

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