Monday, December 13, 2010

I won a USPSA stage for the first time

This weekend's match had El Presidente as the classifier.  If you haven't seen it yet, you start the stage facing uprange in the surrender position, then turn and draw, fire two shots on each of three targets, perform a mandatory reload, and fire two more shots on each target.  It looks like this:

I finished the course in just under 7 seconds with 50 points, for a hit factors of about 7.1, or 66% of the top Single Stack Division score on record.  The next highest hit factor, for any division, was about a half point less.  I'm excited about my performance here because a few more of these will bump me up from C to B. 

My shooting has improved a lot in the past few matches.  I haven't been practicing more, but I've been obsessively reading Brian Enos' book Practical Shooting - Beyond Fundamentals.  He's really helped my mental approach to shooting.  It's hard to describe, and I really want to write about this more when I can articulate it better, but when I shoot a stage clean and fast, it feels like an out of body experience.  It's like I'm watching myself in a movie, automatically shooting and reacting, transitioning smoothly and making up shots without hesitation when I call a miss.  

Getting into that state of hyper-awareness is what has me addicted to USPSA. 

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