Tuesday, November 23, 2010

USPSA single stack Smith & Wesson 1911

Here's my main gun for now.  It started as a stock S&W .45 1911, and I've been customizing it part by part for the past year.  I'm using it to compete in the USPSA single stack division.

Here's what I've changed so far.
  • Smith & Alexander magazine well
  • Hi-viz fiber optic front sight
  • STI titanium trigger with short, flat aluminum insert
  • Wilson Combat extended magazine release
  • 14 lb recoil spring, 19 lb hammer spring
  • Carbon Creations red grips
My next small project is to disable the gun's firing pin safety.  I've been having misfires when the grip safety isn't pressed all the way.  It's likely the plunger rises enough to just snag the firing pin and slow it down enough to cause a light primer strike.  I've been wrapping a ladies' hair elastic around the grip for a while, but this can't continue!

I'll post all the details and photos of how to remove the plunger from the slide, and grind down that lever so it doesn't get stuck in the hole when the slide moves rearward.

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