Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I won't be flying anytime soon

Even before the TSA started bombarding travellers with full-body X-rays, or the alternative punitive sexual molestation, I hated flying.  I can bear being on the plane for a long time, just as long as I have ear plugs, plenty to read, and the person next to me is not too gross. 

I hate flying because of the incompetent security theater of the TSA.  We will never catch a terrorist by making everyone remove their belt and shoes; it just wastes time.  Randomly sampling the crowd for extra pat-downs wastes even more time (think grandmas and 3 year-olds).  And confiscating liquids... sheer stupidity. 

It's been said over and over by security experts that the Israeli model works because they look for terrorists, not things.  I really do hope that we move towards this effective, inexpensive, low-tech way of spotting bad guys at airports.  All they do at El Al is talk to passengers, ask where they're going, if they have a one-way ticket, where they've been.  And it works.  The US should do the same. 

So, if you do fly a lot and hate the security theater as much as me, be sure to make your voice heard.  Opt out of the X-rays this Wednesday and embarass the TSA knuckleheads so badly that they're forced to smarten up.  It'll inconvenience a lot of people for one day, but it's for the greater good.

I'm also going to make a prediction about the idiotic reactiveness of the TSA.  Some lone terrorist, at some point, is going to try to take down a plane with a cavity bomb.  Then the era of probing airline passengers will begin.  It's the next logical step, and virtually guaranteed to happen.  Send the TSA a message this Wednesday that they've gone too far already.

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