Thursday, August 4, 2011

The behavior of concealed carry folks

I'm sitting on the couch the other night relaxing, and my very pregnant wife suggests that I walk around the corner and get myself a six pack, since I'm such a great, supportive husband.  Of course I knew it was just a ploy to get me to pick her up a candy bar, but I played along.

I tucked my SP101 into the IWB, bloused my shirt and went on my way.  As I was walking down the sidewalk I came upon a little chihuahua puppy with no collar or tags.  Cars were buzzing by and this poor little dog came a few inches away from being flattened.

I got close enough to pat him after a few attempts to bite me.  He was so frazzled by the car horns and screeching breaks, but after a few more minutes he let me pick him up, and showed his gratitude by peeing on my shirt.  Nobody seemed to be looking for him, so I carried him a couple blocks to the local MSPCA, then completed my liquor store/candy bar mission.  I'll probably post a few fliers on the telephone poles tomorrow just in case the owners don't think to call the animal hospital. 

If you have a stereotype of individuals who choose to carry guns, reexamine it.  Maybe you mistakenly think we're meatheads looking for a fight, or paranoids who want to overthrow the government.  Me?  I'm just a non-confrontational guy who's taking responsibility for his family's safety, and for the safety of any random dog who needs my help.

Reexamine your stereotypes.

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