Thursday, February 24, 2011

What if they got everything they wanted, and nothing changed?

Bob S. posted a question to the gun control crowd, asking if the background check and registration laws on their agenda were enacted, would they be in favor of lifting restrictions on CCW in the currently prohibited places? 

I'd take that one step further:
If all these laws were enacted, and firearms-related violence steadily increased or remained the same, what new laws, if any, would you then push in an attempt to drastically reduce gun violence? 
I don't think any of them would say they'd drop their advocacy in the face of its failure - their only option would be to escalate.  That's why the slippery slope argument from the gun guys is valid.  We don't see a plausible mechanism by which gun control can affect the actions of those in the tail of the lawfulness curve (or the carefulness curve either).  So while one gun a month might seem superficially reasonable, when it fails to decrease crime, it'll turn into one gun a year, then one gun a decade, one gun per person, then England. 

A Brady Campaign board member said it herself - they won't stop until there are zero gun deaths in the US.  When they fail to reach their impossible goals, and they will fail, they'll just keep pushing more restrictions until there's nowhere left to push - until civilian gun ownership is completely prohibited.


  1. They did get everything they wanted in the UK and Down Under and look at the mess they are in. No, they will not give up until we are disarmed and the criminals are running the place. Although this is MA you could say they already run it. . . .

    Great blog, came over from JayG's place. . . Good to see another MA gun ower involved in things.

  2. Thanks, JD. You're right, and even in the UK they're after everyone's airguns and replicas. These people are ruthless!

  3. UK here.

    Had three shootings round the corner from me in the last week.

    Gun control really works, Honest :)

    They not after our guns at the moment, it knifes they after now.

    The thing I do not get is, criminals break the law, so any law to stop them from having something is flawed because yes, you guessed it they break the law!